Bond Flare is an idea to meet now. The app, which gives us the opportunity to make it reality. Don’t waste time on chatting. Life is a game. Don’t play alone.

Some people may ask how did it all started?
Well answer is more complicated that the idea itself. My name is Oskar and this is my story. I was 21, when this idea f instant meeting with other people popped into my head. Nowadays we are living in times when speaking to someone, who you don’t know is weird. I don’t truly understand it. In my opinion contact with new people open us up for new idea, possibility, situation or just pleasant time. We can write with others for hours sitting in one place on our phone, but talking in reality is weird? Where do we end up in this constant run? At that point I was pretty frustrated that I was on holidays and couldn’t find someone, who would like to just speak with me for 20 minutes, while drinking coffee. Of course I could sit and wait till someone will reach to me via Facebook, Tinder or whatever. I also could wait for someone to do it for me. But I didn’t want to accept it. I live here one. I do want to be remembered by people. I do want to have adventures, meet new people, love and be loved and for certain I don’t want to ever again eat meal alone or drink delicious coffee.

So I started to imagine an app for mobile device. Something new, something fresh. At the same time I had many struggles of how to do it without passing information to other of my location. Well the answer was easier that I expected. When we are in the city all I have to do is to find someone, who is also willing to meet at the same time. That’s why the session in one location in only 12 minutes. The second issue was that scanning everybody around is something that Google or Facebook can do with huge computing power, but not a small start up. That’s why I thought that 12 people are enough to find someone, who will be our new buddy. Other thing was how long should it take for us to answer the meeting request? 1 minute, 5 minutes, 33 second? Well I read a lot about decision-making process. If we consider that we have only small amount of time for choosing the person, who we will meet 10 minutes from now the thing, which is most important is our intuition. That is why we have only 12 second to answer the request. Later is just too late.


After that I came up with another problem and another solution. How will this people recognize on the street in meeting point if most of them have weird photos on their Facebook profile. Well every 24 hours if you want to send your flare you have to make a photo of how you look today. In order to prevent weird stuff – if you know what I mean – we added facial recognition. Without face on the photo you just can’t do the photo. Meeting point was also really problematic. At first it has to be safe. At the same time it has to be near you and me. The other thing is that I can’t just give opportunity of choosing the place of meeting to any of user. And then it hit me. What if my app will do it for us? What if based on your locations it will find the perfect spot for our first meeting? It will be safe as the place is some café or pub. It will be ”neutral” as neither you or I chose the place. And most importantly – the place of meeting doesn’t really matter. The thing that really matters is that we are going to meet! No more chatting. No more waiting for something to happen. No more thinking of where should we go together on first assemble. Just we choose either other and are heading for the unknown.


What is Bond Flare?

Take a selfie, post a note and flare! Sounds too simple? Well it is that simple.


Choose or
be chosen!


It does not matter how you end up on coffee.

What matters is that you did!

Don’t think about a “neutral” ground. We do it for you. Based on your locations we choose the perfect place for your first meeting. All you have to do is be there!